Joint Pain

Chiropractic For Joint Pain

Joint pain is commonly connected with the aging process and is passed off as a symptom you can’t do anything about. That’s a myth. Joint pain can be felt by people of all ages and comes from a variety of causes. Arthritis, while common, it’s not the cause for all joint pains.

Common causes of joint pain:

  • Old injuries not healed properly
  • Recent bodily trauma such as an accident or sports injury
  • Inflammation caused by gout
  • Arthritis
  • Other diseases or illnesses that cause inflammation such as Lyme Disease

Joint pain is a fairly accurate description of the issue. Joints are points in the body where two bones come together, and these are connected by ligaments. When the space between bones becomes inflamed or damaged, they activate pain receptors. Muscle tension can then put added pressure on the joints, causing them to become more inflamed or even further damaged. If left untreated, joint pain can turn into a serious issue that can spread to the neck and back, causing pinched nerves and even partial paralysis.

As it progresses, joint pain is recognized by stiff joints that are uncomfortable to bend and have a limited range of motion. This can make everyday tasks like walking, eating, or driving extremely painful.

However, just because it’s called “joint pain” doesn’t mean the joint itself is the culprit. Learning the cause of your joint pain is very important to being able to treat it. At The Rejuvenation Center, we have each patient go through a consultation and examination before undergoing any treatment. Our customized treatment plans do not require pain medication or surgery.

How Can a Chiropractor Treat Joint Pain?

When part of a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes massage therapy, chiropractic work is the perfect way to treat joint pain. Chiropractic that focuses on the joints, helps the body to return to proper alignment so that nerves can perform optimally and the body can function.

Since the pain can be in multiple parts of the body, the causes can also be as varied. Chiropractors at The Rejuvenation Center are experts in diagnosing the underlying cause of pain and working to adjust it.

How Can a Massage Therapist Treat Joint Pain?

Whereas chiropractors treat the bones and joints, massage therapists treat muscles. We recognize, however, the body is a whole interconnected system. Muscles attach to bones via ligaments and can either support healthy joint function or place pressure on the joints. Massage techniques for joint pain aim to relieve tension from around the joint, allowing for smooth range of motion. Massage also releases the body’s natural anti-pain chemical serotonin, the pleasure chemical endorphins, and sleep-inducing dopamine to help improve sleep cycles.

While a consultation will help us find the best treatment for you, massage therapies could include one or a combination of the following:

Myofascial massage (MFR)

A massage therapy that focuses on releasing muscular shortness and tightness. Myofascial release therapy increases flexibility, body function, and pain relating to the soft tissue.

Trigger point therapy

Trigger points are tiny nodules that form within muscle tissue and can refer pain to many different areas of the body. Rather than working on the areas where pain is felt, trigger point therapy seeks to identify and release the trigger point itself thereby eliminating all referred pain. Treatment involves consultation, frequent feedback, and a series of pressure and release cycles.

Deep tissue massage

A targeted deep pressure massage that focuses on the deeper layers and on tissue surrounding muscles. Treatment aims to relieve chronic muscle tension and acute pain and may involve slow static pressure and deep breath techniques.

Lymphatic drainage massage

A manual release of lymphatic ducts and glands, which improves circulation of the lymph fluid, and boosts the immune system.

Craniosacral therapy

Intended to treat headaches, migraine, and nerve tissue damage, craniosacral is subtle work that produces powerful results. This modality aims to unwind and release stuck facia, the tissue surrounding and connecting all muscles. This can stimulate the nervous system and allow healing to take place. Treatment is relaxing and focuses on the spinal column including the neck, the head, and the sacrum.

Swedish massage

A light to medium pressure flowing massage that allows for deep relaxation. This modality may be used to treat body issues resulting from stress and anxiety.

Medical massage

This type of massage is specific to a medical issue or necessary therapy such as those found in neuropathy – as well as the effects of car accidents, whiplash injuries, and sciatica.

Sports massage

A massage that targets injured or overused muscles from an active lifestyle, and usually specific to a certain type of sport.

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