Back Pain

Chiropractic For Back Pain

Back pain can be a debilitating problem for many people. In fact, as much as 80-percent of Americans will seek treatment for back pain in their lifetime. If you’re one of these people, you may be familiar with the typical band-aid treatments; cortisone injections to force away inflammation and prescription medication to mask the pain. While these options may temporarily provide some much-needed relief of the symptoms, neither address the actual cause of the issue.  


Back pain can be generally divided into the following 3 areas:

  • Upper back pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Middle back pain

Pain in the upper and middle back may be felt anywhere from the bottom of the neck to the bottom of the ribs. Because ribs provide structure and protection, pain in these areas is not as common as low back pain. When people do experience upper or middle back pain, the cause usually has to do with a misaligned rib or strained muscle. Even when is pain is felt in the back, the cause of the issue may actually stem from an issue elsewhere in the body such as:

  • Dropped arch in the foot
  • Hernia in the abdomen
  • Tight (shortened) hamstrings
  • Herniated discs
  • Misaligned hip
  • Infection or inflammation
  • Compensation patterns
  • Pinched nerves
  • Pulled muscles
  • Poor posture
  • Bulging discs
  • Sciatica
  • Bodily trauma from an accident or injury

How Chiropractic Adjustment Can Help

It is a well known fact that chiropractors are experts in spinal adjustments. But this specialty comes from years of experience working with the whole musculoskeletal system – not just the spine. Chiropractic adjustments will affect the head, neck, back, and hips. As everything in the musculoskeletal system is just that, a connected system, the precise adjustments made at The Rejuvenation Center are carefully administered to set the whole body back into alignment from the head to the toes – relieving pressure from nerves and tense muscles, reducing inflammation, and increasing mobility. It can also help boost the immune system, reduce acid reflux and other body ailments that are caused by a misaligned spinal column.

Doctor Brad Miller has years of experience diagnosing the true causes behind back pain. After a consultation, his expertise will aid in developing a customized treatment protocol that will address those underlying causes as well as the pain. This treatment proptcol is a holistic, integrative medical approach to treat your back pain and will likely include a variety of massage therapies.

How Massage Can Help

Mentioning massage may very likely conjure up images of lying on your stoomach on a massage table while a therapist applies long relaxing stokes over tight muscles and kneads yours shoulders. The modality described here is known as “Swedish Massage” and is the most common and go-to- choice offered at dayspas and relaxation centers. While relaxation can be a vital element in the healing process, there are other massage modalities that have been developed to do so much more that relax the body.

The Rejuvenation Center in Layton, Utah, takes a whole-person approach to back pain. We know that it’s not just the pain you want to get rid of, but the cause of the pain as well, so that it doesnt come back. A personalized massage therapy plan will match your specific needs to target the nerves, muscles, and tendons that are the true underlying problem.

Our Master Bodyworker and licensed massage therapist Brianna Francom, is both highly educated and adept at designing customized treatment options around our patient’s comfort level, pain level, and healing goals.

Massage therapy can provide substantial healing and pain relief to people who are suffering from back pain. Each treatment plan is designed specifically for our patients. You may receive one or more of these therapies as a part of your comprehensive services.

Trigger point therapy

Trigger points are tiny nodules that form within muscle tissue and can refer pain to many different areas of the body. Rather than working on the areas where pain is felt, trigger point therapy seeks to identify and release the trigger point itself thereby eliminating all referred pain. Treatment involves consultation, frequent feedback, and a series of pressure and release cycles.

Swedish massage

A light to medium pressure flowing massage that allows for deep relaxation. This modality may be used to treat body issues resulting from stress and anxiety.

Deep tissue therapy

A targeted deep pressure massage that focuses on the deeper layers and on tissue surrounding muscles. Treatment aims to relieve chronic muscle tension and acute pain and may involve slow static pressure and deep breath techniques.

Sports massage

Living here in the mountains affords all kinds of opportunities to pursue a sport you love. From mountain specific sports such as trail running, rock climbing, and mountain biking, to more widely accessible sports like swimming, weight training, and basketball. The truth is that repeatedly participating in the same sport can cause imbalance in the body. Overuse injuries, unevenly developed muscles, and range of motion issues can creep in, hindering performance and enjoyment of your sport. Sports massage targets injured, shortened, or overused muscles. Treatment is based on the specific issues common to your sport and is aimed at enhancing performance, relieving pain, and re-balancing the body. Treatment may involve stretching, kneading, and re-balancing exercises. Your therapist may recommend exercises or stretches to do at home to complement your sport and reduce tightness and injury.   

Craniosacral therapy

Intended to treat headaches, migraine, and nerve tissue damage, craniosacral is subtle work that produces powerful results. This modality aims to unwind and release stuck facia, the tissue surrounding and connecting all muscles. This can stimulate the nervous system and allow healing to take place. Treatment is relaxing and focuses on the spinal column including the neck, the head, and the sacrum.

Medical massage

This type of massage is specific to a medical issue or necessary therapy and can also treat the effects of car accidents, whiplash injuries, and sciatica.

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